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Can retirees live on Scott AFB?

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Retiree Living at Scott AFB: A Comprehensive Guide

Lodging is available to those on temporary duty travel or making a permanent change of station to Scott Air Force Base, to active duty and retirees traveling in the area or those visiting with military members.

Scott Air Force Base (AFB), known for its pivotal role in military operations, also emerges as a desirable residence for retirees. The base, steeped in a rich history and community spirit, offers a unique lifestyle for those who served.

Retiree Community at Scott AFB Scott AFB is home to a thriving community of military retirees. The base’s inclusive environment and comprehensive facilities cater to the specific needs and interests of retired service members.

Benefits and Facilities Retirees at Scott AFB enjoy access to various amenities. The base offers healthcare services, a commissary, a base exchange, and recreational facilities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Living Costs and Accommodations The cost of living on Scott AFB is a significant consideration for retirees. The base provides various housing options, including apartments and single-family homes, catering to diverse budgets and preferences.

Community Engagement and Activities The base actively fosters a sense of community through organized events, clubs, and social gatherings. These activities offer retirees opportunities to engage with peers, forge new friendships, and maintain an active lifestyle.

Access to Healthcare and Services Healthcare is a priority for retirees, and Scott AFB delivers with top-notch medical facilities. Retirees have access to medical services, ensuring their health and wellbeing are adequately addressed.

Scott AFB represents an ideal choice for retirees seeking a community-oriented, secure, and well-facilitated environment. With its comprehensive amenities and vibrant community, the base offers a fulfilling lifestyle for retired military personnel.

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Table of Contents