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Discover the Charm and Beauty of O’Fallon, IL: Your Guide to the Perfect Weekend Getaway

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O’Fallon, IL may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a weekend getaway, but it should be! This charming city located less than 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis has so much to offer. Whether you’re a history buff, foodie, or simply looking for a relaxing escape, O’Fallon has something for everyone. Here’s your guide to the perfect weekend getaway:

Day 1: Discover O’Fallon’s History and Culture

Start your day by taking a stroll through the charming downtown area of O’Fallon. You’ll find historical buildings, boutique shops, and restaurants serving up mouth-watering cuisine. Stop in at Beasley Fish for a fish fry or BBQ Shack for some delicious smoked meats.

Next, head over to the O’Fallon Historical Society Museum to learn about the city’s rich history. This museum is housed in the old train station and displays artifacts from O’Fallon’s past, including items from the Civil War era and old photos of the city.

In the afternoon, take a short drive to the St. Clair County Historical Society’s Labor and Industry Museum. This museum showcases the history of the county’s working-class and the industries that made it thrive. Check out the exhibits on coal mining, agriculture, and railroads and learn about the people who built these industries.

Day 2: Relax and Indulge

After a day of exploring, it’s time to relax and indulge. Start your day with a visit to the O’Fallon Family Sports Park for a leisurely walk or some exercise. The 200-acre park features walking trails, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and even a dog park.

Next, treat yourself to a spa day at Four Seasons Spa & Salon. This luxurious spa offers a variety of services, including massages, facials, and hair care. Relax and unwind while being pampered by the professional staff.

In the evening, head over to Vito’s Sicilian Pizzeria and Ristorante for some of the best Italian food in the area. This family-owned restaurant serves up authentic Sicilian cuisine, including homemade pasta and pizza. Make sure to save room for their famous cannoli.

Where to Stay

O’Fallon has a variety of accommodations for your weekend stay. The Marriott St. Louis Airport hotel is located just 20 minutes from O’Fallon and offers comfortable rooms and amenities. For a more unique experience, check out the cabins at Carlyle Lake. Located just 30 minutes from O’Fallon, these cabins are the perfect place to unwind in nature.

In conclusion, O’Fallon, IL is an undiscovered gem that should be on your radar for a weekend getaway. Its rich history, charming downtown area, and delicious cuisine are just a few of the reasons to visit this Midwest city. So pack your bags and get ready to discover the charm and beauty of O’Fallon.

Table of Contents