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Is Scott AFB still active?

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Scott Air Force Base (AFB), a hub of military activity, remains an active and crucial part of the U.S. Air Force. The base’s personnel are key to its operations and success.

Scott AFB’s Active Status Scott AFB continues to be a vital asset in the Air Force’s operations. Its strategic location and capabilities make it essential for both national defense and international missions.

Diversity of Roles The base is home to a diverse range of personnel, including pilots, engineers, support staff, and command units. Each member plays a critical role in the base’s functionality and mission fulfillment.

Personnel Count and Community The base boasts a significant number of active-duty members, civilians, and contractors. This diverse community contributes to the base’s dynamic and collaborative environment.

Training and Development Scott AFB places a strong emphasis on training and professional development. This focus ensures that all personnel are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary for their roles.

Scott AFB’s active status and diverse personnel are testament to its importance in the U.S. Air Force. The base continues to play a crucial role in military operations, supported by its committed and skilled workforce.

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Table of Contents