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What is Scott AFB known for?

What is Scott AFB Known For?

Scott Air Force Base (AFB), located in Southern Illinois near St. Louis, Missouri, is a dynamic hub housing several critical organizations that support global operations and security for the United States Air Force and the wider Department of Defense. Here’s a deeper look at what makes Scott AFB so essential:

1. Air Mobility Command (AMC)

Scott AFB serves as the proud headquarters of Air Mobility Command (AMC). AMC controls the strategic airlift, air refueling, and aeromedical evacuation missions supporting the entire US Air Force. This command delivers a rapid global reach crucial for deploying troops, supplies, and assets worldwide.

2. US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM)

Scott AFB’s importance extends to the realm of joint operations, as it hosts the headquarters of US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM). This combatant command works alongside AMC to oversee and orchestrate the logistics, distribution, and support necessary for global movements of US forces across all military branches.

3. 618th Air Operations Center (AOC)

Known as the Tanker Airlift Control Center (TACC), the 618th AOC at Scott AFB holds a prominent role in managing worldwide airlift and air refueling operations. The AOC’s communication and technological capabilities make it essential for coordinating missions around the globe.

4. Cybersecurity & Network Defense

Scott AFB houses two vital operations in the cyber domain: the Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Global Operations Command. AFNIC is charged with the security and maintenance of the Air Force’s global network, while DISA focuses on broader Department of Defense communications infrastructure.

5. Education, Training, & More

The 375th Air Mobility Wing provides support, infrastructure, and resources to Scott AFB. Here you’ll find the Airman Leadership School and various professional development programs. Further afield, the 126th Air Refueling Wing (Illinois Air National Guard) and the 932nd Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve Command) add to the base’s depth and expertise.

6. Historical Significance & Proximity to St. Louis

Scott AFB, originally Scott Field, was established in 1917, with historic structures paying homage to its roots in Army Air Corps training and WWII operations. Conveniently located near St. Louis, Scott AFB residents enjoy amenities like diverse dining, sports, cultural attractions, and the famed Gateway Arch.

Scott Air Force Base stands as a cornerstone of US military capability and innovation. Its role in global logistics, air mobility, cybersecurity, and personnel development make it more than just a base—it’s a vital contributor to American military readiness and an enticing location for service members and their families.